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One of eight consumer rights is to have a good environment. Unfortunately, in this issue, we always distance ourselves, point our fingers and pass the buck to other parties especially to government.

We, Persatuan Keselamatan Pengguna Kuala Lumpur (PKPKL) didn't feel that way because environmental consciousness begins at home with 3R principle (reduce, reuse and recycle).

In practising 3R principle, we can save limited source and reduce wastages. Below is some of the things you can practise at home :-

1) Reduce

a) Buy necessary things only

-   Reduce buying unnecessary things.

-   Don't buy things that only use once in a while. Buy local products.

b) Buy recyclable products

-   Buy things in bottle (glass) and rechargeable battery

c) Buy multi purpose detergent

-   This reduces buying detergent for only one purpose

d) Buy product will less packaging

-   Less packaging means less rubbish. Support paper packaging.

e) Sell or donate things that no longer use (in good condition)

-   Don't keep, throw or burn things that no longer use.

f) Buy nontoxic products

-   Many toxic products such as engine oil, polish, paint and insecticide unable to use again. Use it until finish before throwing away its container.

g) Use alternative material to replace dangerous/toxic materials.

-   Wash using soda mix with vinegar. Olive oil with lemon is the best furniture polish.

2) Reuse

a) Bags can be reuse for shopping and storage at home

b) Envelopes can be reuse with pasting new address on top of the old address. It also can be used as scrap paper.

c) Containers can be used as storage at home.

d) Paper and cardboard can be used as cover and storage at home. Used paper can be made as scribble paper. Don't forget to recycle if unable to use it anymore.

e) Old dresses can be made as cushion cover, table cloth or as remnant.

f) Old woods can be made as handicraft. Don't burn these woods. Open burning is illegal.

g) Give old tyres to tyre shop for recycle.

3) Recycle

a) Always look for recyclable things. Separate them according to type. Use recycle bin to throw these recyclable things.

b) Recycle containers we can find in kitchen. Wash the containers with fill it up (about 3/4) of hot water, add in few drops of dishwasher soap, shake it and wash again. Then, wipe it clean.

c) Try to look ways to recycle every materials like paper, plastic, metal and glass. Other materials such as furniture, electronic products, construction materials and vehicle can be recycle too.

d) Reuse bottles and containers at home. Prepare your own bottle when you buy soy milk, sugar cane and food. This will help to reduce using new containers. You can also reuse mineral water bottles/drinking container to storage water for drinking purpose.

e) Use both sides of paper, be it for printing or other purposes. Save and Recycle the plastic nuts (packed Styrofoam and which is used sent through mail type) and use it to replace pebbles in vase for controlling water flow purpose.

f) Bring your own bag from home when out for shopping. This can reduce and will slowly put an end the need for plastic bag

g) Buy products which is made from recycle things.

h) You can recycle your lawn too. Recycle gardening tools and plant trees can repair your lawn elements. Composition is a decomposition process of materials composition which can be reuse as fertiliser. This is the best way to reduce kitchen waste.

i) Recycle grass is the simplest way to return the nutrient back to soil when the grass is cut and left to rot.

Gather your family members to make recycle programme a success.

The best way to make it happen is to ensure all your family members are involved. Show them the benefits of recycling and how this will help the environment. If they knew the benefits of recycling, surely they'll be happy to join this recycle programme.

Source : Berita Harian - 11th November 2014
Published by : Persatuan Keselamatan Pengguna Kuala Lumpur (PKPKL)
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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