Sunday, 5 April 2015


1.   There is prediction that UMNO and BN will lose in 14th General Eection due to too many accusations unanswered by Najib.

2.   It's all started with the murder of Altantuya, the Mongolian woman who is involved in submarine purchase scandal.

3.   Two police officers were accused of shooting her, prosecuted, found guilty, then found not guilty and freed. Then, they were re-prosecuted and sentenced to death.

4.   One of them is in custody but Sirul is in Australia. He made statement that he was ordered to kill.

5.   People are asking who gave the order. As a personal bodyguard to Dato Sri Najib, Sirul must be investigated to determine who gave the order. But, other than Najib is saying that Sirul is 'merepet', there isn't any investigation. This is a human life. It's cruel if Sirul is killed for following orders.

6.   Then, IMDB case. Malpractises of billions of Ringgit management by Jho Low is shown with clear proofs. These accusations are not answered other than saying that it's a lie.

7.   The so called 1MDB's total assets are said to be 52 billions whereas the loands are only 42 billions. Assets will not make profits unless it's sold (diluted). Why need to borrow from Ananda Krishnan 2 billion just to pay interest. If 1MDB is not making lost, why need to borrow. Why 1 billion government money is given to 1MDB after the loan is paid?

8.   It is said that the money kept in Cayman Island has been brought back. But half of it is kept in Swiss bank (BSI) in Singapore. Where is the other half of 6 billion? Why didn't just use it to pay 2 billion interesr?

9.   It is said that the money is kept in Singapore because Bank Negara will question for any amount exceeding 50 million. If the money in Cayman Island is our money, then what's the problem in explaining to Bank Negara the source of the money? Moreover, the money owned by 1MDB is fully controlled of Prime Minister who is also Finance Minister.

10.  Other questions regarding 1MDB is not answered other than saying that it has huge assets. Questions about government lands pruchased by 1MDB are not explained. Obviously, if the land was purcahsed with low price and the value is inceased multiple times, the assets will become huge. But, government is making lost because their lands are sold lower that market price.

11.  Why pay US700 million to Petro Saudi? Before this huge amount of money paid to Petro Saudi, has it been confirmed that Petro Saudi owns consession of oil and gas in Argentine and Turkmenistan.

12.  New York Times, London Times and Sarawak Report reports that Jho Low is involved in the management of billions of Ringgit of 1MDB. Who is this Jho Low that is so trusted by Dato Sri Najib. Malaysian officials appointed to manage 1MDB fund admitted that they were ordered by Jho Low who claims that he gets full trust and order from Dato Sri Najib.

13.   Jho Low's attitudes is hown in pictures, his young age with his lifestyle won't convince us. But he was reported buying houses in New York and Hollywood with millions of Ringgit. Then, these houses is sold to Najib's stepson with each of the house costing hundreds of millions of Ringgit. The reason is, Jho Low has found another beautiful house with higher price in Hollywood.

14.  It is unexplained where did Riza Aziz gets hundreds of millions of Ringgit. Tun Razak's family including Najib denied the money is from family inheritance. Where did Riza gets hundreds of millions investment for "Wolf of Wall Street" film.

15.  And there are more questions and accusations about 1MDB that was estabhlished by Dato Sri Najib and fully controlled by him as advisor, are not explained and unanswered except denials and claims that it's all lies. Reports that appeared in New York and London newspapar really humiliating our country.

16.  Meanwhile, in situation Government is in huge money shortage and have to borrow loans, Dato Sri Najib as Prime Minister has bought another luxury jet. Everybody knows that the present jet ACJ319 is used not only for official use but also as private transportation for Dato Sri and Datin Sri.

17.  In this economy uncertainy, in situation where rakyat have to pay higher tax, in situation where Ringgit is depreciating, in situation where higher cost of living and rakyat facing floods and lost of hundreds of millions of Ringgit, Government is spending hundreds of millions to buy jet eventhough there ae several jets owned by the Government.

18.  It is known that Government have to bear the burden of this luxury purchase. If a non Government Company officially buys this jet, the payment is higher lease than direct purchase because the price included owner's profit and interest.

19.  Other than that, Dato Sri Najib's policy only limited to giving free money, causing Malays to be angry for sidelining New Economy Policy and this is to gain Chinese support. Even then, BN was rejected in GE13 shows that the Chinese has rejected Najib.

20.  Rakyat that is Malays, Chinese, Indians or people in Sabah and Sarawak are no longer trust Dato Sri Najib. UMNO members and its leaders have to realise that if Dato Sri Najib continues to lead UMNO, UMNO will surely lose in GE14. And, when UMNO lose, Malays will curse its weak leadership that caused the party rejected. Once UMNO is lost, it won't be able to restructure itself.

21.  There are many UMNO members and leaders too loyal to their leaders, I'm loyal too but my loyalty is for the party and Malays it represents. It's not easy for me to write in this blog, but for the sake of my country and my race, I have to disclose all these.

22.  I'm not senile eventhough I'm nearing 90 years. Whoever says I'm senile is self deception.

23.  Malays will be save if race is important that delude.

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr Mahathit Mohamad 
Date written : 2nd April 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur 
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