Thursday, 13 October 2016


1.   When received forms to join Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, some said that they are been threaten by UMNO and Najib's Government.

2. Many kinds of threatens were implied including there'll no BR1M, expel from UMNO or Government and its agencies, denied contract, won't be giving out any scholarships and being revoked etc, early repayment demand from the bank and will reject applications.

3.   But they're willing to be abused this way because they believe that eventually their entry to PPBM and vote its party in GE14, they will gain a lot for the nation and themselves.

4.   They said that these kind of pressure won't stop them from joining PPBM and they will try to get other bumiputras including UMNO members to join PPBM.

5.   To them fighting for a cause is the a willingness to overcome any obstacles. It's meaningless if fight for a cause is easy and a rose of bed.

6.   Najib too desperate to broke my spirit. Not only my police escort being withdrawn but he wants to change my officers and cook. All my contacts being harassed by sending internal revenue officers to threaten them, especially if they want to do business. If, all the taxes are paid, there'll be extra tax to be made to pay.

7.   Proton officers are not allowed to speak to me and my business contacts are not allowed to make business with Proton. The reason is Najib wants to make Proton bankrupt and then sold it cheaply.

8.   My name cannot be associated with Proton. Proton must be sold to 100% foreigner so that our national car industry can be wiped out completely. Only foreign imported cars can be sold in Malaysia. Don't let be anything be that started by me. Destroy local industry as long as Najib satisfied.

9.   There are many people scared of being abused by Najib's government. That is Najib's democracy.

10. I won't be satisfied and I believe that Malaysians will continue to have spirit to topple Najib's iron fist rule. They are not scared. The greater the pressure is the more they hate Najib and his Government. They are ashamed and not willing to see this beloved nation being ruled by a P.M. implicated and believed by the whole world disappeared (stole) billions of its people money. 

11.  I realized and people also realized the reason behind of new law about security. It's not about terrorist because the existing laws are enough to cope this. It's meant to broke and stop any protest against Najib.

12.  This law didn't get the blessing of YDP Agong and Raja-Raja Melayu to give power to Najib to declare security area and therefore, anyone can be detained without trial. This is worse than ISA.

13.  If anyone is killed or murdered regardless if it's security force or public, no inquest (checking by majistrate about the cause of death) will be held. And, the deceased family won't be able to bring the case to court to get justice.

14.   Actually, this kind of law can't be verified without SPB Yang diPertuan Agong's signature. But Najib don't care about laws or rule of law. He is the PM and believes that any violation of law by him won't be tried in Court. His DPP will stop that.

15.  All this are signs that democracy no longer exist in Malaysia. Only iron fist rule, dictator rule exist.

16.  People will oppose to abolishing democracy in this beloved nation through halal means. If God wills, people stand will eventually put a stop to Najib's wrongdoings.

Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 12th October 2016
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Translated by : Teratai Melur
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