Monday, 28 March 2016


1.I was told that many UMNO members and grassroot UNMO leaders are unhappy about me being with Kit Siang to remove Dato Sri Najib.

2.   Yes, it's odd. We are enemies. But we are on same boat in removing Najib as Prime Minister.

3.   This removal exercise should be done by UMNO. In contest involving me and Tengku Razaleigh, UMNO members and leaders clearly supported Tengku Razaleigh. I didn't scare them, didn't remove them from position or party. Minister remained as minister so were division leaders and delegates.

4.   But, nowadays majority UMNO members and leaders has become mute, deaf and blind. They knew Najib's wrongdoings but still they support him.

5.   Maybe because of the gratitude given by Najib. Shahrir admitted he received 1 million while Ahmad Maslan received 2 million. Surely, others received as well.

6.   Because of greed and self interest, they didn't want to remove Najib. Because of self interest, they willing to sell their race, country and religion. Except a few of UMNO members, none of UMNO members are dare enough to remove Najib. It's impossible to depend on UMNO to remove Najib.

7.   It's no longer UMNO. Don't pretend to be an UMNO member who are can't see me with Kit Siang. You are the one who don't love UMNO, you are the one who are mute, you are the one who are deaf and blind because all these senses are closed because of the gratitude, etc.

8.   Don't question me. Ask yourself. Are you fighting for race, religion and country when you all protect Najib when he lost peoples money and now selling lands bought from Government with RM60/- per square feet and sold it to Tabung Haji with RM3,500 per square feet, implement G.S.T and abolish subsidy to repay 1MDB loan amounting to RM42 billion, owns RM2.6 billion in his personal bank account that were kept from Malaysians saying that more than 1 billion was spend for GE13 but paid back 2.03 billion to it's donor. Illogical that 2.6 minus 2.03, how much is the balance? Where did more 1 billion spent for election came from. This huge expenditure is legally wrong.

9.   Najib humiliated Malaysia by being 1 of 10 most corrupted countries in the world. Najib himself ridiculed by whole world. This kind of leaders all of you support and defense. This is betrayal to UMNO, to Malays, to country.

10.  Rakyat hates seeing UMNO members supporting Najib than UMNO members being in same stage with Kit Siang to remove Najib.

11.  We didn't take gratitude from anyone.

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 29th March 2016
Translated by : Teratai Melur
Email : terataigenius@gmail,com