Tuesday, 14 June 2016


1.   There are UMNO members who are uneasy and angry because I shared the same stage with Kit Siang, UMNO nemesis.

2.   I won't be with Kit Siang if UMNO is still same as the UMNO founded in 1946.

3.   I didn't any reprimand and challenge when I was the UMNO President and Prime Minister. Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh was nominated to contest the President and Deputy President post. Many ministers in my Cabinet, namely, Rais Yatim, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Syed Hamid, Kadir Syeikh Fadzil campaigned supporting Razaleigh and Musa Hitam. I didn't stop them, revoke their membership.

4.   I and Ghaffar was won with simple victory. UMNO then dragged to court and was ruled illegal by the judge.

5.   I have to revive UMNO. Eventhough Razaleigh founded Semangat 46 but majority UMNO members join the New UMNO. Those who joined are Abdullah Badawi, Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, Syed Hamid and then Rais Yatim. They were reappointed as Minister. No one was sacked from UMNO except those who chose to join Semangat 46.

6.   When Semangat 46 dissolved, the members accepted back to UMNO.

7.   UMNO became stronger again eventhough those who didn't support me still in UMNO.

8.   This is UMNO way. Leaders and members are free to reprimand and challenge leaders. I was attacked by Anwar's supporters when he was Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister.

9.   Supreme Council sacked him while giving him right to self defense. It was done by the Supreme Council.

10.  In Musa Hitam case who resigned as Deputy President and Deputy Prime Minister, the Supreme Council decided to send a team headed by Wan Mokhtar to talk to Musa to persuader him to retract his resignation. I didn't stop them.

11.  He agreed to accept back Deputy President post but not the Deputy Prime Minister post. I have to appoint Ghaffar Baba as Deputy Prime Minister while he stayed on as Deputy President.

12.  Then, Musa cajoled his enemy, Tengku Razaleigh to challenge me for the President post. Musa himself contested for Deputy President post under Tengku Razaleigh, the President post candidate.

13.  Eventhough Musa did all this, I appointed him as Special Minister to United Nations. I gave him a Minster level.

14.  All I did was according to democracy. But, today, Najib as Prime Minister, not only unable to be challenge but can't even reprimand. If anyone reprimand him, his party membership will be revoked followed by restriction not to meet UMNO members and its leaders. There are wish to suspend. No chance for self defense.

15.  Representatives to UMNO General Assembly not open to free speech. They were told not touch on 1MDB and RM2.6 billion in Najib's personal account.

16.  In this situation, can UMNO members openly support me if I reprimand Najib? Do UMNO members dared to sign the Citizen Declaration to remove Najib?

17.  A few of Branch Leaders who criticized Najib was warned, gave trouble in business, his wife's scholarship was withdrawn and many kinds of pressure.

18.  What is clear is all Ministers, UMNO Branceh Leaders, UMNO representatives all agrees with all Najib's wrongdoing. It's alright when billions of ringgit went missing, our country is one of the most corrupt nation, Malaysians are humiliated and insulted in oversea and Najib himself afraid to faced foreign media but UMNO members will support Najib.

19.  World media openly reported and detail of how Najib misused his power, detained UMNO members who made police report against him, charged him under terrorist act, detain his lawyer but UMNO leaders and members is shameless and still supports Najib.

20.  And now, laws are made to give power to Najib to side step Agong, Cabinet, Dewan Rakyat, Dewan Negara to declare curfew to any area, detained anyone without being charged in court while Najib is the Chairman National Security Council.

21.  Every party in and outside country condemn this law. Agong and Sultans didn't sign this law. His Majesty and Sultans instructed to re-examine provisions of this law.

22.  Najib didn't care about Sultans objection and advice. He went ahead with the law.

23.  Dewan Rakyat is the one can amend or reject this law. MPs from UMNO and BN won't reject power grabbing by Najib.

24.  Is there any chance my reprimand will greatly support by UMNO members? I'm free to join any movements. As a Malaysian citizen I joined poeple's movement to remove Najib. If Lim Kit Siang is in the movement, he too a citizen. We only agree in exercise and intentions to remove Najib.

25.  Due to UMNO leadership don't understand my language, once again I explain that I taking action as a citizen to inform Najib that people no longer accepts him.

26.  If Lim Kit Siang or anyone else is with me, it's because they, too, like me, as a citizen wish to stress through this by election that people no longer accepts him as Prime Minister. So to happens they are members of political party or NGO.

27.  But those who doesn't want to understand still won't understand.

Source : Chedet blog

Written by ; Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 14th June 2016
Translated by : Teratai Melur
Email : terataigenius@gmail.com