Monday, 12 January 2015


1.   I'm grateful of the realization shown by the Malays about their fate. There are signs that UMNO Malays has realised that there is a need for UMNO to be renew. UMNO has said its willingness to accept new members eventhough it will threaten existing members position. Without new members especially the younger ones, the number of UMNO members will decrease because the older members will become weak and eventually pass away.

2.   But not only younger member is needed, those with talent and capability are also needed eventhough no longer young.

3.   However, there must be a clearance that new members, unlike previous members who thinks UMNO as stepping stone or that sees opportunity for one self. Those who joins must be sincere and understands UMNO's struggle and wish to continue them and make it a success.

4.   What is UMNO's struggle? After being colonized, British plan for all Malay states to be merged directly under British rule in a project called Malayan Union. Only then, the Rulers realised that without their support, the Rulers have to surrender their small state to British. Those whose oppose will be replaced by their family member who are willing to sign the agreement and be appointed as Ruler recognised by the British.

5.   It has happened by surrendering Singapore to British. And, this is how Mac Michael threaten Malay Rulers.

6.   But for the first time, people that has been restrained from politics before, unite regardless who their Ruler are and which state they came from.

7.   With this kind of unity, all Malay organisations from all over country gathered at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

8.   Their fight is not for specific person. But without a leader and spokeperson, their unity won't become a reality. So, Dato Onn Jaafar was appointed as Malay struggle leader.

9.   At that time, their priority was to foil British Malayan Union plan.

10.  The second reason was Malay Rulers became weak when facing the colonizer, so, Rulers power have to be limited in for people voice be heard to ensure their and Malay state fate.

11.  Due to people firm stand, the Rulers agreed to put aside restriction politics for people.

12.  These firm stand by the Malay Rulers and Malays became foundation political support for UMNO Malays.

13.  As a result, a constitution was formed that puts Rulers as head of state and country but the government is controlled by the people through democracy parliment system.

14.  UMNO itself accepts democracy system, especially in ensuring its leadership. UMNO's priority is its struggle. And this struggle emphasize development for all Malays and all state through ways that will be set later.

15.  Leaders shouldn't ignore UMNO's struggle. When the first UMNO President, Dato Onn Jaafar was seen as ignoring UMNO's struggle, the party didn't hesitate to reject his stand. And Dato Onn Jaafar who realised democracy practise thought that the rejection of stand as 'no confidence vote' resigned willingly.

16.  Same thing happened to YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra eventhough there is no no confidence of vote. Tunku stepped down.

17.  This is the advantage of democracy system. In certain countries, violence is used to stay in power. But in matured democracy, smooth leadership transition without spoiling the nation.

** Part 2 will continue tomorrow

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Written date : 10th January 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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