Tuesday, 13 January 2015


18.  Those who wish to join UMNO must understand UMNO's history and objective. If they found the objective is different with their principle, it's better if they stay out of UMNO.

19.  If so, it doesn't mean that UMNO has froze, that, it's struggle is outdated, irrelevant.

20.  Basic struggle that gives Malays agree to share the country with other races doesn't need to change. UMNO's basic struggle to redeem Malays dignity doesn't need to change. Basic struggle for Malays to be same level with other races doesn't need to change.

21.  What needs to be change is the approaches to reach the objectives sooner and stronger.

22.  Western Liberalism that allows everything doesn't make Malays more noble and more successful. Actually, accepting everything from West proofs that Malays are lack of thinking. It's been 60 years of independence, is the Malays thinking is yet to be free, yet to be independent?.

23.  But, Malays have to be selective regardless of which means the good things came, whatever needs to reject, reject and whatever needs to accept, accept.

24.  Generally, Western culture that prioritize individual rights over peoples right need to reject.

25.  Leaders who tries to change UMNO's struggle needs to reprimand. If not, the struggle would be different from Malays basic struggle. Too many mistakes due to Malays culture that do not wish to stamp on leaders feeling. Then, it would be problem to handle the effect of these mistakes.

26.  UMNO members have to be smart to differentiate the approaches to make UMNO's struggle successful or approaches that will change UMNO's struggle.

27.  All these have to be understand by the future UMNO members and leaders. If they don't know and don't understand, if they think that UMNO is stepping stone for wealth and power, then it's better if they stay out of UMNO. Voice their views in this free and democratic country.

28.  Another problem will start here. Excuses such as don't know and don't understand, or wish to use UMNO as stepping stone will be used by current leaders to reject new members, especially the talented.

29.  Therefore, clearance must be done by a group who doesn't have any interest. Retiree and outsiders who sympathizes with UMNO's struggle must be given the task to go through membership.

30.  Once clarified, they must be accepted by UMNO and placed in suitable venue, where they stay or related. Treatment by branch and division to them must be supervised by special body.

31.  There shouldn't be dynasty in UMNO. Those who eligible and love UMNO have the right to be appointed to all positions. Family relations shouldn't be made as basic for selection or rejection.

32.  Perhaps it's not easy to do. But, must try to do it.

Source  :  Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Written date : 11th January 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
Email : terataigenius@gmail.com

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