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Since 100 years ago, world temperature has rise 0.6ºC and are expected to rise between 1.4ºC to 5.8ºC in 2050. This will cause ice to melt in poles due to risen sea temperature and sea level are expected to rise too. The main causes of global warming is fossil burning especially oil and natural gas which releases carbon dioxide and other gases called greenhouse gas into our environment.

These greenhouse gas was caused by various means including wide usage of energy. Consumers culture and demeanour is proven to be one of the main reason of global warming. A smart eternal consumer can practise a few tips below to help avoiding drastic global warming.


Many consumers in Malaysia owns a car and are paying a lot for fuel and toll. Government has long proposed carpooling between husband and wife. Carpooling are able to save 365kg of carbon dioxide that will be released if everyone use a car every year.

Be sure that you change your car air filter and ensure that your car tyres are enough air pressure.

If you are unable to share car, at least, make sure that your air filter is replaced every month. This will save 360kg of carbon dioxide . Ensuring your car tyres are enough pressure will save 113kg of carbon dixide every year.

Buy products with less packaging

Nowadays, products in the market are with heavy packaging. Buy products with less packaging becasue it can reduce 10% of garbage generated and will save 2667 kg of carbon dioxide when the garbage is disposed.

Recycle paper at office

At office, practise to use paper both sides because it can help to reduce global warming through low usage of paper. One ream of A4 paper can save 2250gm of carbon dioxide.

Unplug switch of electrical products when not is use

Eventhough we already switch off the electrical producs after use, there is still electric flowing. Practise to unplug cabel electric switch off after use. This can save 450kg of carbon dioxide a year.

Be a conscientious consumer through eternal lifestyle.

Source : Berita Harian - 13th March 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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