Saturday, 18 April 2015


1.   I'm shocked to hear that Kelantan UMNO supports PAS Hudud. I hope they know what they are doing.

2.   PAS Hudud is unIslamic hudud because it's totally unfair, whereas Al-Quran stressed on fairness during sentencing.

3.   In a community, where Muslims are sentenced to amputating hand, stone till death whereas non-Muslims are sentenced to light sentence are really unfair. Therefore, PAS Hudud is not Islamic hudud.

4.   Secondly, the intention of Kelantan PAS and UMNO introducing PAS hudud are for political mileage. This makes PAS hudud and supported by UMNO are unIslamic.

5.   PAS political intention is clear from "Amanat Perdana Presiden YAB Tuan Guru Dato Haji Abdul Hadi Awang - Pilihanraya Ke-11 Formula Kemenangan pada 18 Januari 2003, 15 Zulkaedah 1423 Hijrah".

6.   The message says "the importance are, there must be co-operation to topple or reduce BN's control or hegemony in Parliment and this time around DAP has to be convinced that the effect of this co-operation can be reduced because the concept of this co-operation is different in 2 Arch strategy compared to BA-1999".

7.   It continues with "BA split due to Islamic Nation and implementation of Hudud and Syariah issue, PAS have to conduct a vast study and make a huge sacrifice to omit the Islamic Nation issue and the implementation of Hudud at Federal level. The provision about Islam is sufficient as stipulated in Federal Constitution and as currently practised at Federal level.

8.   If we are able to win in election, the BA or Opposition will estabhlish a Fair and Democratic Government in Federal level that follows existing Federal Consitution".

9.   For muslims, intention important when doing religious obligation. If the intention doing prayer, tawaf and saii are regarded as an exercise, then it's no longer religious obligation. PAS hudud is to win election, then it's no longer Islamic.

10.  Because of these two reasons, the law passed at Kelantan assembly cannot be accepted as Islamic hudud. If it used on non-Muslim, it'll be opposed and will create havoc. Allah don't like those who create havoc and trouble (Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 27, 123).

11.  In Malaysia, present Islamic law is limited to Muslim family matters. It didn't ill-treat Muslim or non-Muslim. As for other crimes, laws in Malaysia didn't differentiate religion for justice to all. Firmness of juctice is upheld in Islam.

12.  Dato Haji Hadi said that I don't know about Islamic shari'e. Therefore, I'm not qualified to talk about hudud law. I also can say that Haji Hadi doesn't know about administration and unqualified to run a state. As I was trained in medical field, I'm able to identify disease including disease in administration and able treat it. I'm not that ignorant about religion. Results during my administration can be reviewed.

13.  Remember, those who fluent in Arabic and lead by leaders studied in field of religion are the one who create war and kill co-religionist. Don't they know that killing is forbidden in Islam. They create crimes that don't exist in Islam and sentenced according to laws set by them without considering justice as required in Islam.

14.  There are those sentenced to death for not keeping beard, for watching football match, for not fully wear hijab. There is a case where a man shot dead a woman because she was accused of adultery. The way the trial was conducted and the man involved in adultery was not shown. Only the woman was shot dead. Is this Islamic. Is this fair.

15.  Some will say that it's alright because we are practising Allah law even if it makes the image of Islam looks bad and unfair. But, is it true that laws that was created without considering justice in Islam with political milage are Allah's law.

16.  It's wrong to think that the image of Islam is not important to non-muslim and Muslim. Islam widespread because of the civilisation image of Islam that was excellent till it melts non-Muslims heart. Malays accepts Islam because of it's success and supremacy by Muslim dealers from the Arab countries and India.

17.  To do something with other intentions will make the image of Islam looks bad is not accordance to the teaching of Islam. And, this will make non-Muslims to further distance themselves from Islam. This is an anti-missionary.

18.  Remember all the bad things came from us and all the good things came from Allah.

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 15th April 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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