Monday, 13 April 2015


1.   I realised that I'm alone. Is it wrong that I, too, feel responsible to rakyat. Is it wrong that I asked when rakyat's money are missing and it's kept from rakyat.

2.   I thought when there is question and answer on TV, surely would like to tell the rakyat, not just to me.

3.   In reality, there is still no answer where are 1MDB money. Dato Sri Najib said the money is not in Cayman Islands. But, previously, there is admittance that the money is in Cayman Islands and has been brought back.

4.   Rakyat are more confuse now. If not in Cayman Islands, then where? Where did the half of the money came from and half of it brought back to be kept in Singapore.

5.   Why need to keep money not from Cayman Islands and not use it to pay the 2 billion interest. Why the Government have to provide 900 million standing credit.

6.   About Altantuya, I only asked who gave the order to Sirul, who has been sentenced to death. I'm not accusing Najib. Normally, police or soldier won't just shoot anyone unless they are attacked or ordered. This is a human life. If found quilty, just kill Sirul. But, if Sirul is killed for doing his job, following orders, it's unfair.

7.   Many came to see me. If Sirul's family wants to see me, I meet them. This is not about eight years ago question. This is about hanging their son today.

8.   Rakyat didn't ask. But many asked me. I can't answer. I asked to the one who can answer.

9.   Many of my questions are not answered. On the contrary, it is said that my action due to pending crook bridge.

10.  But, if my anger is due to crook bridge, I would've demanded Najib's resignation before GE13. But, I campaigned for his victory. Najib's leadership is Selangor is ineffective.

11.  Supports from certain group doesn't mean that they support 1MDB. They are scared. Some asked me about 1MDB and asked me to do something. Now, there is a threat to those who didn't show support to Najib.

12.  I recalled that thousands of people are brought to gather and asked to carry "I love PM" banner and sang "I M 4 U. But still lost in GE13.

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 13th April 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur

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