Thursday, 14 May 2015


1.   When by-elections began in Rompin and Permatang Pauh, I was told by Najib's supporters that this by-elections will prove that Dato Sri has strong support. My claims that Najib is unpopular will fumble.

2.   BN will win big in Rompin because it's UMBO's stronghold and JJ was very popular. Moreover, PAS candidate is weak and PAS has internal problems.

3.   In Permatang Pauh, Opposition is divided because of PAS hudud. PAS will not support PKR. Azmin Ali is intending to defeat Wan Azizah. There are chances BN winning.

4.   UMNO and BN victory in both by-elections will show that my claim that many don't like Najib is wrong. And Najib is able to win in GE14.

5.   I was in double bind. As an UMNO member, I want BN to win. But this victory will retain Najib's leadership in GE14. And I'm confident that BN under Najib's leadership will lose in GE14.

6.   The outcome of by-elections in both areas showed that notions by Najib's supporters that my claims that Najib will not get many support is more accurate that their hope.

7.   In truth, I was in dilema after Dato Sri Najib took over the leadership from Tun Abdullah. My expectations that Najib will amend Abdullah's mistake didn't materialise.

8.   On the contrary, he maintained Abdullah's policies and action. Not only the bridge and double rail track didn't implemented, he claimed that he supports Abdullah's liberalism.

9.   Foreign policies are changed to friendship policy with super powers like US and Europe.

10.  Secretly, he hired British advisers and used foreign consultants.

11.  He loves to organised rallies with hiring people who held small banner with words "I love PM" that were supplied to them and sang "IM4U" song. They were brought by buses, was given food and money.

12.  To get chinese support, Najib ignored NEP, reduced places and scholarships for bumiputra students in universities and treat all opposition claims. He believed that with "Ah Gib Gor", Ajib brother slogan, chinese will support him.

13.  Najib also believes that cash is king. If money is given, then people will support him. So, BR1M, the free money for rakyat was introduced.

14.  Before GE14, he ordered that 70,000 chinese to be gathered in Kelang to hear his campaign. Not even 15,000 came. They don't care about Najib's speech. Najib lost badly here in GE13.

15.  I don't believe all these will improve BN support. But my assumption was his performance in GE13 will be better than Abdullah.

16.  My hope didn't materialise. Najib's performance is worse than Abdullah.

17.  I thought Najib will learn from GE13. But no. He continued with handing over money. He still maintained his British advisers. 4th floor is getting bigger. PM's office is full of personnel doing newly created jobs. Their salary is not according to Government office salary system.

18.  Commitees with ministerial status are created for those retired. Free agencies are established to take over the government agencies functions such as the EPU. They are paid with high salary and this is causing disappoinments amongst government officers.

19.  Many groups and individuals approached me to complain about Dato' Sri Najib's leadership. They came numerous time and asked me to do something to make Najib stops his policies and approaches.

20.  Not only Malays and UMNO members but also chinese came to see me. They really not happy with Najib's wife, with her lavish lifestyle, with her behaviour as though as she is the Prime Minister.

21.  Because of their insistance, I tried to advice and commented Dato' Sri Najib. But it's ineffective. He is confident with his way, giving money will lure people. He really believes that rakyat loves him so much. He believes that eventhough UMNO and BN is not popular but he is well liked by the people and this will make him as idol and icon for UMNO and BN. He believes that big rallies with I love PM banner is the prove how rakyat loves him.

22.  Insistance that I would do something to make Najib realise about dwelling support and rakyat's hatred over his action and his wife's lavish lifestyle keeps coming to me.

23.  They say, do something. I answered I've done it but it's ineffective.

24.  But, when I started to learn about 1MDB, I felt it's already really serious. At that time, limited information are available. I made up my mind and send him a letter informing him that I'm no longer supports him.

25.  Najib only ordered his close ally to ask me to retract my letter. He didn't disclose my withdrawal of support so I have disclose it myself.

26.  I received more information about 1MDB. I was shocked with its high loan amount. Even Government didn't took that much of loan. These loans was done through off-budget, meaning, without the Cabinet and Dewan Rakyat's approval.

27.  I cannot accept the purchase of power plant above market price. This isn't about one two millions or ten twenty millions. The price difference are about hundres of millions while it's license is almost expiring and it's value will fall to hundreds of thousands of ringgit. Why not wait till the license expire?

28.  When asked Najib, he said when the value increases, these factories can be resold for profit. It's not Government job to buy and sell companies.

29.  I don't believe that 1MDB are able to gain profit from selling it's factories that was bought with high price. We know, today 1MDB's electronics factory can't even listed in share market.

30.  I realised that my withdrawal of support is ineffective. Meanwhile, 1MDB's problem is getting serious. 1MDB is unable to pay its interest of RM42 billion Ringgit loan. The so-called money is in Cayman Islands are unable to bring back.

31.  Investment and JV with Petro Saudi are vague and it's unclear where the investment money is.

32.  When police report is made about Jho Low and 1MDB, the house belongs to the person who made the police report was confiscated and he was declared a bankrupt.

33.  The reporters who reported that Majlis Raja-Raja disagrees with PAS hudud was arrested saying that they commited unlawful incitement. Then, the judge released them saying that it's not an incitement.

34.  The action against reporters are to scare the people from reporting any anti-Government statement.

35.  I feel that there are abuse of power by Government. Government agencies are used to make threat. More and more are disliking the Government. I'm confident that BN will lose in GE14 if lead by Najib.

36.  I cannot accept if country is ruled by Pakatan. Their policies are different with each other. DAP prioritise chinese interest. PAS claiming that they aren't Malay, only Islam. PAS islamization is for political purpose, not for Islam. That's why PAS paganised UMNO for co-operating with pagan but then PAS embraces pagan. Parti Keadilan purpose is to make Anwar as Prime Minister.

37.  If Pakatan forms Government, it will be a havoc. Development will be affected and people from all races will suffer.

38.  I realised that if I didn't support Najib, the opposition will take advantage. On the contrary, if Najib leads BN in GE14, BN will lose. A difficult situation.

39.  If UMNO and BN needs leadership changes, it has to be done before recovering time is too short, before GE14.

40.  Eventually, I have to disclose Najib's mistake in 1MDB. Billions of Ringgit are missing and won't be able to recover back. Directly or indirectly, Najib is responsible for these huge lost.

41.  For these unresponsible misconduct, Najib is no longer qualified to be Malaysian Prime Minister.

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 11th May 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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