Friday, 8 May 2015


1.   There isn't any Nation successful in gathering money from Muslims who wish to perform haj from Malaysia with its Tabung Haji.

2.   These money were saved since Tabung Haji establishment has accumulated to thousands of millions of Ringgit. The money can be used for investment so that its profits are use for tabung haji's management and to give subside to pilgrims.

3.   Tabung Haji's money are from contributors and Tabung Haji was only entrusted to manage the money according to Islamic lawful way. These money doesn't belong to Tabung Haji.

4.   It's very sad when the money is used to bailout 1MDB's loan.

5.   Tun Razak Exchange 70 acres land was bought by 1MDB at RM194.1 million for 70 acres.

6.   Now, Tabung Haji bought one and half acre at RM188.5 million Ringgit, almost the same price with 1MDB bought 70 acre. 1MDB made a big profit. Actually, this land is meant for bumiputra trade center. But 1MDB dismissed the project.

7. Is this how Tabung Haji use people's money that been entrusted with. Contributors hoped that the money in Tabung Haji will be managed for their benefits but the money was used to save 1MDB that has lost billions of Ringgit.

8.   This plan has to cancel now.

9.   Tunku Aziz has said that he is willing to investigate Jho Low and Riza Aziz if I made a report. Actually, a report has been made by other party but there is no investigation by anyone. On the contrary, the party who made the report was bankrupted and his house was searched.

10.  If Tunku Aziz really concern about corruption, investigate and report about those cases. Prove that I took government money.

If unable to do so, just keep quiet.

Source ; Blog Chedet
Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 8th May 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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