Friday, 29 May 2015


1)   When an answer to a question posed by member of Parliment to Prime Minister or Minister and the answer provided was prepared by the officers, the relevant minister of the ministry is still responsible. He is the one who will take the blame in this situation. Eventhough in law, Parliment proceeding has immunity but if unrealiable answers about the truth is given and it still not true then it's no longer immune when the answer was published without objection for general view.

2)   The officers who prepared the answers is not immune. They are still responsible for the contents of the answers. If they are found to be preparing answers not based on reality, information and prove, they can be accused of trying to protect the minister by not telling the truth. In other words, the minister can still be accused of lying and the officers can be charged together.

 3)   The minister have more responsibility because he is required to check and determine the answers provided since the answers is under his name.

4)   The Prime Minister explained that USD 1 billion unable to bring back to Malaysia due to Bank Negara regulation to investigate the transactions exceed 50 million.

5)   To my knowledge, all the banks have been given directive to ask about any transaction above RM50,000. If it didn't involve in money laundering, that is, money obtained through illegal means, then, there is no problem.

6)   The question is, did the officers know that 1MDB was involved in money laundering and thats why the money from Cayman Islands have to be kept in Singapore.

7)   Singapore, too, very strict with money transaction to avoid money laundering crime. Didn't 1MDB know about Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) rules?

8)   Or, the real reason to lie about the money deposited in Singapore is actually there isn't any money deposited there, that, more than one billion US dollar has gone missing.

9)   If unable to prove the money is in Singapore, then, again, the officers and the miniser is quilty for lying.

10)  About Bank Negara refusal to provide information about reports by Singapore MAS, if it found to protect lies about 1MDB money that was said deposited in Singapore, then, they, too commited a crime under country's criminal law.

11)  Something is strange and wrong is when Government departments refuse to take action about allegations and police reports about the disappearance of 1MDB, a Government owned company money. On the contrary, the person who made police report was bankrupted, his house was confiscated and investigation was made on him on the basis that he was involved in sponsoring terrorism activity and money laundering.

12)  Reporters was arrested because they are quilty under Sedition Act and later was released because they didn't commit any wrongdoing.

13)  I, too, used to be searched by Inland Revenue Board when I owned a clinic. I have to pay extra tax because all my explaination was not accepted. I was told if I brought my case to court, there are chances that I will be fine three times more. Investigation on me was done on the basis that as a doctor, I'm rich and didn't pay full tax.

14)  Inland Revenue Board will normally investigate the government officers who live beyond their means. But when a Minister or certain individuals known to live luxury, no investigation are made. On the contrary, the person who made police report about that was investigated.

15)  It's really sad when there's bias in criminal investigation. Today, Malaysia is listed in top 10 most corrupt country.

16)  Malaysians are bound to same rules of law. There shouldn't be any bias or discrimination in imposing law.

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 28th May 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur

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