Tuesday, 4 August 2015


1.   In an attempt to legalize Najib for depositing RM2.6 billion into his personal account for so-called meant for 14th general election, I was accused of doing the same thing. This accusation is unfounded and slanderous.

2.   When I was UMNO President, the Headquarter have three trustees. I was one of them. Trustee owns accounts in bank. All donations, especially during election will be deposited into these accounts. Two of any these trustee have the authority to manage Headquarter's account and sign cheque for withdrawal.

3.   These trustee are also named as owner for shares and properties belonged to UMNO.

4.   When I resigned as UMNO President, I ordered all the cash in bank and shares together with property papers to be given to Dato Abdullah Badawi. The officers who gave all the relevant documents are Nor Mohamed Yacob and Noordin Bachik.

5.   Total cash handed over exceeds 200 million Ringgit. Total value of shares and property handed over exceeds 1.2 billion Ringgit.

6.   Not even a single sen from the donation money that meant for election deposited into my account. To verify my confession or vice versa, I'm ready show my personal account for 22 years to be check by those who have no interest.

7.   On 1964 and 1969 elections, the Headquarter gave me RM20,000 in cash to be distributed to parliment areas 40% and state areas 30% each. I deposited RM20,000 into my account because I'm not willing to keep the RM20,000 cash and I issued cheques to House of Representative and State Legislative Assembly election committee according to distribution set by the Headquarter. The money is not from donor but it's UMNO money that meant for candidates use.

8.   When I was removed from the party in 1970, the Intenal Revenue Department searched my house and clinic. They found the cheque stub issued by me and claimed that I didn't fully report my income.

9.   They fined me of RM300,000 with a warning that if I object and went to court, I will be fined three times more.

10.  I didn't go to court but I appealed that the money deposited into my account is from the party. But UMNO Headquarter didn't admit the money was from them.

11.  Finally, I was fined with RM130,000. I was already appointed as Minister in Government by that time. I paid the fine in instalments and settle it when I was Deputy Prime Minister.

12.  There is a little difference between RM20,000 cash I received and cheque amounting to USD 700 million equals to RM2.6 billion that were said deposited into Dato Sri Najib's personal account.

13.  If all the expenses used for five election during my tenure as UMNO President are checked, not much money is used, especially allocation from Headquarter, but BN never win less than 2/3 seats in Parliment.

14.  If now UMNO needs 2 1/2 billion of Ringgit for election, it still break election rules and regulation. Every candidate have to report election expenses account to the authority. It's wrong if it exceeds certain amount. I apologize if this rules has been dropped. This is to avoid corruption.

15.  I don't want to question where these USD 700 came from. I will wait for the Auditor-General and PAC make final report, even though I can't accept all the statement that will be made.

16.  I don't wish to touch on 1MDB even though I, as tax paying citizen have the right to question nation's finance. But as I have explained earlier, I have to pay income tax and fine for the money in my account.

17.  The question I would like to ask is, has the Internal Revenue Board acted according to the power given to them about the money amounting to RM2.6 billion in Dato Sri Najib's personal account. 

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 3rd August 2015 
Translated by : Teratai Melur
E-mail : terataigenius@gmail.com

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