Tuesday, 1 September 2015


1.   I was present at the demonstration organised by Bersih on 29-30 August. Many wondered whether I've become Bersih supporter. Am I supporting opposition party DAP and Kit Siang. There are also questions if I'm siding with chinese.

2.   As I stated before street demonstrations shouldn't be used as a tool for political pressure because it would affect businesses especially small businesses and economy. Is my action showing equivocate in politics.

3.   I disagree with demonstration as there are other ways to pressure Government for abuse of power.

4.   We can make police report hoping that the police and prosecutor will take action, bring those accused to court.

5.   But now, Najib has disband and destroyed Government institutions that protects people's rights.

6.   When he was accused for disappearance of government's money through 1MDB, Najib passed the investigation to the Auditor-General and PAC (Public Account Committee) Dewan Rakyat. People are told to wait until this body completed their investigation.

7.   When RM2.6 billion was found in Najib's personal bank account and he didn't deny the money in his account and people asked the source of the money and Najib is unable to give a reasonable explaination, so a task force was officially formed to investigate.

8.   This task force consists of Prosecutor, Inspector General of Police, Head of the Anti- Corruption and Bank Governor.

9.   People have been waiting for the findings. Suddenly, the Prosecutor was sacked by Najib, Head of the Anti-Corruption was ordered to take leave and Bank Governor was threatened that Bank Negara has leaked the information. And, investigation by this body has stopped.

10.  At the same time, the PAC Chairman and three others was given post in Government and the investigation about 1MDB money by PAC has stopped.

11.  Several police officers and other officers was transferred to other positions so that the investigation cannot be continued.

12.  Those who left out and newly appointed are those who are not interested in the investigation and even blocking any investigation about 1MDB and RM2.6 billion in Najib's account.

13.  No more means to investigate 1MDB and RM2.6 billion in Najib's account.

14.  Instead, Najib and his minions are claiming that the RM2.6 billion are donation. Didn't even show the donor, source of wealth, form of the money given, banks involved and other details. Actually, this claim of donation is ridiculous.

15.  To UMNO leaders, Najib claimed that RM2.6 billion is for 14th general election. If the party is spending to buy nasi lemak, or drinks or to rent cars as before, more money is needed.

16.  But, to bribe leaders and Dewan Rakyat members with millions each, to bribe officers to lie, then most probably RM2.6 billion is needed.

17.  If Najib wins by bribing, he would need more money to stay as PM and for GE15. From where to get more billions if not through illicit means. Malaysia will be ruled by a Prime Minister who depends on corruption. Najib, himself said "Cash is King". This is the King worshipped by Najib.

18.  Najib will deny but the situation in the country is unspeakable. Racial tension. Ringgit value and shares dropping badly, worse that Thailand, Singapore and other countries. Cost of living increased because of GST, etc. The national debt is piling too, etc.

19.  This is Malaysia's future if Najib stays. All means to replace Prime Minister according to laws and Federal Constitutions has been closed by Najib. Only with people sacred voice together with Dewan Rakyat no-confidence vote will bring down Najib and save the nation form corrupt.

20.  That's why I have to join street demonstration organised by Bersih that themed to remove Najib because of corruption and I appeal to UMNO Dewan Rakyat members and BN to support the no-confidence vote against Najib. BN will not fall after Najib is removed. BN is still the majority party.

21.  As long as Najib is in power, the cost of living will increase due to GST, national debt is piling and unable to repay, unemployment is increasing, billions of public money is misused.

22.  This is the fate awaits Malaysia because of Najib.

Source : Chedet blog

Written by : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 1st September 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
E-mail : terataigenius@gmail.com

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