Friday, 9 October 2015


1.   On 5 October, I was in Tawau on invitation by a former candidate of an opposition party.

2. Many UMNO members in Sabah unable to attend the stateman's talk because it wasn't organised by UMNO. They said SUA UMNO will be very angry if any of its members or leaders attended this gathering.

3.   It's been 15 years since I went to Tawau and that's why I accepted the invitation eventhough it's from UMNO'S enemy. If I waited for UMNO's invitation, I won't be able to see Tawau forever.and I would like to see the changes in Tawau. I'm still an UMNO member and was an UMNO President for 22 years and now regarded as an enemy by the current leadership.

4.   Yes. I disagree with Dato Seri Najib, the UMNO President and I'm urging for him to be sacked. But, in the past, Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam tried to bring me down. Their reason to compete against me and Ghaffar is I won't be able to be President and Prime Minister anymore. They intended to bring me down.

5.   I didn't forbid them from campaigning within UMNO members and UMNO members wasn't prohibited by me to attend their campaigns. UMNO branches invited them to officiate their Branch meetings and they campaigned during the function and some other times as well.

6.   Some Branches even nominated Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam as President and Deputy President. I didn't consider them as my enemy which needs actions to be taken. There wasn't any restriction for nominating them because it's the democratic way. Presently, United States of America presidential candidates are busy campaigning everywhere because it's the democratic way.

7.   But now, the UMNO President not even officially challenged by anyone already won't let me meet with UMNO members and leaders. There are elements of threat in their order. Action will be taken, sacked from party, will be investigated. No future in the party. No longer be appointed as leader, won't be chosen as candidate.

8.   At the same time, whoever reprove the President is accused of as trying to sabotage, trying to undermine the democracy, overthrow the democraticcaly elected President. Those who made police report regarding the missing Goverment money is questioned and investigated and bankrupted. And arrested. When acquitted by the court, will rearessted under new law, Sosma, the so-called law for terrorist.

9.   Is the person who made the police report can be accused as terrorist.

10.  While calmouring democracy, the accused lawyer is also interrogated, wants to scare the lawyer too.

11.  All these action is to scare the people especially its UMNO members and its small time leaders. They knew something wrong is happening. But their mouth and ear are shut.

12.  The so-called press freedom supported by the govenment is blocked for reporting 1MDB crimes etc.   

13.  This nation image has changed from democracy to almost a police state where laws are being misuse to scare the people. Unable to mention any of Government and Prime Minister's wrongdoings. Public gatherings are blocked throught numerous ways, being accused as racist and the Government is encouraging racist demostration because Bersih rally that demamding Najib to step down is regarded being racist as an attempt by the Chinese to overthrow a Malay Government.

14.  The Government is accusing anyone who expose Najib's wrongdoing is an attempt to overthrow Government by undemocratic way.

15.  Actually, it's the Government that threating will take action against the people, forbidding UMNO members from listening to political speeches, the Government is no longer democratic. There isn't any democracy to bring down because it's already being ruined by the Government.

16.  Alhamdulillah, thousands of fearless Sabahans attended the gathering in Tawau

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 7th October 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur

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