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AMANAH's proposal regarding the status of Selangor Government


Amanah is watching closely about the insistence made by a representative at Selangor DAP Convention to Selangor Government. He has been insisting that PAS is removed from Selangor Government, or, DAP must leave!.

This insistence was widely reported in the media and caused lots of reaction from Selangor people. Eventhough, it's not officially approved resolution and only an insistence from a representative but it was shown as though that it's DAP's final decision.

Amanah sees this as a true feeling of grass roots who is unsatisfied with the rough situation between Pakatan Harapan and 'Pakatan PKR-PAS'. However, this insistence to remove PAS is only benefits UMNO and BN.


Among the grass roots peevishness is the status of Selangor government itself. What kind of government is ruling Selangor now? Formerly, it was Pakatan Rakyat (PR), a coalition of PKR, PAS and DAP that ruled based on PR Selangor manifesto. Currently, PR no longer exist and replaced by Pakatan Harapan (PH), but the goverment that rules Selangor is not PR government because PAS is not part of PH and PAS is part of government with 3 of its exco members and a Deputy Speaker. Then, what is the relation between PH and PAS?

Therefore, the position and status of Selangor needs to be address and co-ordinate to avoid be seen as a 'government with two coalition' that don't recognise one another, which, firstly, Pakatan Harapan coalition with PKR, DAP and Amanah and secondly, 'Pakatan PKR-PAS'. This anamoly situation require to overcome to make Selangor to be seen as united and strong on its clear identity. No longer to be seen as a government with two coalition, that is, one on official coalition and the other is an unofficial coalition. This situation will be seen as a husband who have a legally wedded wife and a mistress, at a same time.

Therefore, this require a solution and close this anamoly.


Amanah sees the solution for the status and position of Selangor Government. This can be settle by signing an agreement between PH and PAS. This approach won't affect PH Selangor or PAS Selangor and this agrement will legalise the position of both entities. With this agreement, the relation with PAS is with PH and not only with PKR.

Selangor Government will be seen as a clear government with PH-PAS coalition and not as a weird entity that a coalition didn't recognise one another. This new coalition, PH-PAS, have to set new policies to be implemented. This gives room for PH-PAS Selangor to restudy the PR Selangor manifesto. If there is a need for improvement, then it should be done accordingly. Otherwise, if PR manifesto wished to be used by PH-PAS Selangor Government, then let it be done officially.


Do understand, this current position won't last long. PH-PAS relation needs to be made official and common policies have to brought forward. Only then, Selangor government's direction and attitude becomes clear and will be easier for people to evaluate Selangor government's performance and its advantages.

All the facts mentioned above needs to be done quickly. Amanah is worried if Selangor people becomes fed up with this uncertainty of its government position. Also, it's also worrisome if to be seen as a failure to priortise people in managing differences with constructive ways.

If this 'hazy politic' continues till GE14, chances are they will punish PH and PAS through ballot box.


Therefore, rather than creating problems and difficulities in demanding PAS to be removed from the Selangor government, it is better to offer a co-operation agreement between PH and PAS. This agreement will be used to make this co-operation official and set common policies to be implement. When PH and PAS relation is made oafficial, then the issue to remove PAS Selangor government will be irrelevant. Commitment to implement the policies will be stronger.

We hope that our proposals will be considered and given a priority.

'New Hope'

Khalid Samad
Communication Director
Parti Amanah Negara
6 November 2015

This article is published in website on 6 November 2015.

Written by : Khalid Samad
Date written : 9th November 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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