Monday, 23 November 2015


1.   Opposition rejecting budget is a normal practise in parliment democracy. It's not something weird or new and has been done before by Pakatan Rakyat including PAS members of parliment. It's done after budget is presented. eventhough it's been rejected by the opposition, the budget is passed because the total no of votes from BN members of parliment is more than the opposition.

2.   PAS idea to be abstain from voting is unwise. This is because budget is about BN government's wish to implement unagreed pilicies. It's not just about revenue collection but also about priortising the usage of people's money, therefore, it's been rejected and opposed. Being abstain from voting won't help and this means attending parliment session are also meaningless.

3.   It's different this year because there are chances that this budget will be rejected when supporting votes from BN members of parliemnt is said not in full support and will vote to reject.

4.   The possibilities of this budget will be rejected created lots of reactions and confusions. Among them are preception that civil servants won't be getting their salaries, hospitals won't be receiving medicine supplies, etc. Also, there'll be a 'government lock-down', that is, a situation where the government is unable to function.

5.   In actual fact, that's not the way. Actually, budget rejection is a big slap to DS Najib and his cabinet. It can be a non confidence vote to Najib. There are chances that non confidence vote brought forward bythe Opposition Leader won't be debated by the government. Therefore, this budget rejection can do the job.

6.   Either Najib have to present an alternative budget that is agreed by the Parliment or resign and make way for a new cabinet. Pakatan Harapan is ready to face these two posibilities.

7.   While budget voting will be done on 16th November, there are sufficient time to present the budget again or form a new cabinet to prepare a new budget.

8.   Third alternative, as said by YB Dato Mahfuz Omar, DS Najib can dissolve the parliemnt to make way Election for Parliment level. Parliment can be dissolve after approving budget for 3 months. This is to guarantee for the government to function. In these 3 months, party that won the Parliment level election can form the government and prepare a new budget to be approve by the Parliment.

9.   Budget rejection should be seen as a golden opportunity to rectify this burdening budget. If a new budget is presented, amendments are able to be included. GST rate zeroed, priority is given to wipe out corruption, abolish cronisme and a more meaningful help and subsidy can be implemented.

10.  If, budget rejection means 'goernment lock down', no one will reject budget!. And, in this kind of situation, debate and approving budget will be a meaningless excercise because it's have to be   approve!. This kind of understanding will make Parliment will seen as 'rubber stamp' with possibilities that BN government will pass all it wishes to pass.

11.  Our suggestion is no party should try to create uneasiness and try to scare people about his budget rejection. It will be seen as supporting DS Najib action. If anyone wish to do this, let BN do it. Surely, BN machineries is enough to do this.

Thank you.

YB Dato Johari Abdul
Ketua Whip Ahli Parlimen PKR

YB Loke Siew Fook
Ketua Whip Ahli Parlimen DAP

YB Khalid Samad
Ketua Whip Ahli Parlimen AMANAH

Sumber Blog Khalid Samad
Tarikh ditulis : 12th November 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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