Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Facing challenges

1.   In human life, it's normal to face challenges. Of course, those who entered politics will face more challenges. If wish to stay in politics, must be willing to accept all challenges. Those who is unwilling to face and overcome the challenges, it's better to leave politics.

2.   There were never short of challenges when I was the UMNO President and Prime Minister. Surely, there were attempts to overthrow me as UMNO president.

3.   Among the biggest challenge was when Tengku Razaleigh was nominated for UMNO president post.

4.   We've accepted democracy system in selecting leaders. What was done by Tengku Razaleigh is according to democracy system. There is nothing I could do to stop him from being challenged by him.

5.   So, Tengku Razaleigh and his supporters campaigned at all UMNO divisions and branches in Malaysia. There are free to meet UMNO divisions and branch members.

6.   Tengku Razaleigh's position as UMNO Treasurer and Finance Minister is not affected so are the positions of ministers and UMNO leaders who supported him.

7.   Voting at UMNO general assembly went smoothly. Since the voting day falls on Friday, the voting process have to stop and the campaign continued among the delegates by Tengku Razaleigh supporters.

8.   Vote counting was done numerous times because of dissatisfaction by the result. At evening eight o'clock, result was announced.

9.   I won with majority of 43 votes. I accepted. Everybody knows what happened next and no need for me to repeat here.

10.  On December 2015, there'll be UMNO General Assembly.

11.  There isn't any contest. It's unknown why there are attempts being made by UMNO to prevent debating about certain issues especially about 1MDB dan RM2.6 billion in Dato Sri Najib's personal account.

12.  The conference will not be open to public. Not all speeches from the delegates will be aired. Only president speech will be aired.

13.  Normally, Muhyiddin Yassin as Deputy President will officiate - Youth, Wanita and Puteri wings. Warnings has been issued to UMNO members not talk about this.

14.  What kind of UMNO General Assembly is this?

15.  I'm not contesting for any positions but attempts being made to stop me from talking, to restrict me from meeting UMNO members and public. I can't attend meeting at halls because the owners feared of punishment by the Government.

16.  There are climate of fear to stop all the activities related to critising the Government. As though, it becomes an unwritten crime. But there are saying that this is a democracy country. Those who try to sabotage Malaysia democracy can be jailed up to 15 year. Actually, Government is the one who sobataging its democracy.

17.  All kinds of undemocratic pressure are used.

18.  There are those being faced of income calculation with excuse that they didn't pay tax. There are those being questioned by police. There are those being jailed without being referred to laws. There are those being threaten will lose contract etc.

19.  There is a saying that brave for being truth, scared for being quilty. Is it because of quilt becomes too scared that 1MDB and 2.6 billion will discuss.

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 23rd November 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
Email : terataigenius@gmail.com   

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