Friday, 11 December 2015


1.   Najib claimed that the reason I'm not supporting him is because I didn't get what I want.

2.   I don't have to ask for anything for myself. When I resigned I declined Government's offer of free land in Putrajaya as offered to the ex-Prime Minister. I requested to buy a piece of land in Putrajaya and I paid one million for it . The money is from my saving of 29 years in Government. Not from loan.

3.   I've returned to the Government all the gifts I got when I was in Government. It can be viewed at Langkawi Gallery and PM former resident in Jalan Terengganu, off Jalan Damansara.

4.   What I requested from Najib is for the country and for the people. My request was rejected and I still supported him in GE13. Although I said that Najib have to resign if his performance in GE13 is worse than Abdullah's in GE12, I still supported him even though his performance is worse than Abdullah's in GE12.

5.   Only when his secret loan and the loss incurred by 1MDB was exposed I withdrew my support to Najib.

6.   If the reason is because of crooked bridge wasn't built, I'd have withdrawn my support long time ago. If the reason is because the dual electric track wasn't built from Johor Bahru to Padang Besar, I'd have withdrawn my support to Najib long time ago. Not because my request for the nation wasn't fulfilled, I withdrew my support to Najib.

7.   Najib used to come and see me and ask me what I want. I thought it was a sincere request and I mentioned a few projects for country development. Then I realised that it's a way to bribe me not to raise the 1MDB issue.

8.   But the loss incurred is huge. Entertaining my request is not a reason to make me close my eyes about the missing billions, Government billions. Therefore, I continued raising 1MDB issue and suddenly there were 2.6 billion Ringgit in Najib's personal account.

9.   Never been a Prime Minister in Malaysia history owns this much of money. Prime Minister of Malaysia shouldn't own 2.6 billion Ringgit.

10.   What is clear is without this much of money, BN and UMNO won much better than Najib in GE13. Money can't give victory. Providing service and sincerity give victory to party.

11.  By saying that the money is donation from those who wished to stay anonymous. They are unwilling to give to UMNO but they are willing to give to 'leader' and they are only willing to give to Najib as leader to be kept by him in his personal account. It's nonsense unless there is no intention to give explaination about the source of money and its expenditure.

12.  By claiming that Bank Negara knows. What is the proof that Bank Negara knows. Why did the AG rejected Bank Negara's report. Why did the AG didn't trust Bank Negara whereas we are required to trust Bank Negara when mentioned by Najib, but not by Bank Negara.

13.   Is it more convincing with Najib saying that Bank Negara knows that Bank Negara report itself. Money amounting to 50 million and above need to get approval from Bank Negara. Just show the Bank Negara's approval about 2.6 billion Ringgit and Najib will be believe.

14.   Attempts to smear my name by saying that I, too, caused Government to lost money due to unprofitable actions and investments. Najib admitted that in business there is profit and loss. The important thing is all is written in a transparent and open account. And,  it's being done by responsible Government officers. I wasn't involved in management especially in capital management. My job ends with approving investments. I'm not the manager or the executive adviser.

15.  But, Najib established 1MDB sponsored by Government's one million. Najib also became the Adviser to 1MDB.

16.  1MDB's loan is RM42 billion Ringgit, that is, 42,000 more than its capital. The loan is made with a very high interest rate and 10% commission to Goldman Sachs.

17.  The money was used to buy old power station that nearing its expiring date with higher than market price. Their RM18 billion loan is taken over accumulating to RM50 billion loan.

18.  All power stations incorporated to become Edra. But, the return money is so low, unable to pay its interest and finally sold. The company unable to get listed because of account couldn't be verified by auditor. It have to be sold to China owned company because TNB is unable to pay the price that could settle the RM18 billion loan.

19.  Balance of the loan is used to buy Government land at a very low price, RM60 psf whereas the land close to it was sold at RM7,000 psf. At what price the airport land was purchased wasn't mentioned.

20.  The land occupied by squatters in Penang was bought with a very high price. Difficult to develop.

21.  There were attempts to sell land in Jalan Tun Razak that was bought with RM60 psf from Government to Tabung Haji with RM3,000 psf (50 times more). Is it wise for Government to lose RM2,940 psf. Is this 1MDB's strategic business?

22.  Did I ever make anything like this? Prove it. Don't accuse.

23.  It's said that the economy is not in bad shape.

24.  Reality is, Ringgit value and share prices are plunging badly. Cost of living is increasing with GST, petrol subsidy reduced, toll and fares increased etc.

25.  Increase in income but reduced purchasing power because the value in Ringgit in decreased. Unemployment is increasing including university graduates. Businesses and industries are facing unsolved problems.

26.  Did I spoil country image?

27.  World newspaper have reported about Jho Low and his friendship with Najib, his lifestyle and purchasing luxury houses, sponsoring Wolf of Wall Street film with Najib's stepson earlier than I mentioned about 1MDB. All these spoiled country image. It become worse with report about 1MDB's investment, then RM2.6 billion found in Najib's personal account.

28.  If there is anyone who spoiling country image, it is Dato Sri Najib himself. Our country image was good before.

29.  If all these accusations about Najib is slander, then Najib should prove otherwise. Najib should sue all these newspapers. Until now, no action is taken other than scaring those who speak up or made police report by interrogated by police, detained and bought to court. Never been before where those who reported crime to police was accused of sabotaging democracy or topple Government. Also, the lawyer who complained about this is also questioned by the police and detained.

30.  Rural folks may don't care. Maybe because newpaper wasn't allowed to report. But, just because they don't care, adultery and crimes cannot be legal.

Source : Chedet blog

Written by : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 9th December 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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