Saturday, 19 December 2015


1.   The UMNO President speech at the UMNO General assembly 2015 is really disappointing. It's concentrated and limited to self-defence.

2.   The President claims that he is Gentleman, kind, brave, not coward and won't resign.

3.   Party's struggle and his leadership wasn't mentioned. Problems like 1MDB and RM2.6 billion in his account in Arab Malaysian Bank were not explained. Delegates would like to know about this so that they could explain it to members and people.

4.   No comment about country economy is getting worse, Ringgit value is depreciating and its implications to cost of living and import cost and there isn't any proposal about how to overcome these problems. Also, didn't touch about problems arose due to GST. Only explained about how the government is saved by this heavy tax charged on the people.

5.   No comment about education policy and the use of messy intermediate language.

6.   The points raised and stressed are Deputy President, Vice President and members are assisting President.

7.   The assistance mentioned in constitution is Deputy President and Vice President roles are regarded as support to President. Actually, assistance means assistance. In English, it means 

'assist" or "help". "Assistance" and "help" means giving opinion or advise about policies and actions proposed by the President. If the President is weak or unwell, then the Deputy President and Vice President will help. If the President is wrong, then the members have to correct him.

8.   But, the President only interprets assistance as support. That's what was mentioned in the speech "loyalty to leadership" is like come when called, go when asked to leave - The nobility principle of loyalty". That's all the President needs.

9.  Members at all level don't have to think, don't have to give any contributions but come when asked to come, leave when ask to go. When the President tells you to destroy the party, just destroy. Don't question, don't criticize and don't argue. This is party President policy and wish.

10.  If disobey to President's order or highlight his mistake, then action will be taken to suspend or expelled from party.
11.  There will be threat that police will be called in to question and charged.

12.  I was not only questioned by the police but also banned, worse than the opposition party leader.

13.  All doors were closed until I can't meet and talk to UMNO members or people. Hotels were issued warning that will lose business if I were allowed to speak at their halls.

14.  Deputy President is not allowed to officiate UMNO wings meeting according to party traditional. Deputy President was expelled from Deputy Prime Minister post. So is Shafie Afdal, the Vice President wasn't allowed to speak after being sacked from minister post.

15. Is it the attitude of kind Gentleman?. It's more to bossy attitude who tie enemy's hand so that he can be beaten without resistance. Previously, it's normal to challenge President and the challenger are free to talk anywhere. But now anymore. 

16.  Now, Zahid as Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister will try to get me questioned again by the police because of my speeches and writings in my blog. Under what law I'll be question. In a democratic country, it is not wrong to advise a Party President or a Prime Minister to resign. Why was I single out whereas thousands asked Najib to resign (banner brought by audience to Kedah VS Selangor match asking Najib to step down). No one is above the law in the principle of justice.

17.  Due to restriction, UMNO delegates in UMNO General Assembly are unable to ask about 1MDB and money in Najib's account that were said belongs to UMNO. The 2.6 billion Ringgit in Arab Malaysian Bank has been transferred to Singapore. UMNO is entitled for the report regarding this money . Previously, donation is given to UMNO President and deposited in UMNO fund under UMNO trustees care. The fund will be passed to new UMNO President during leadership change as UMNO money and not as President money. Why wasn't UMNO informed and the 2.6 billion Ringgit wasn't given to UMNO when Najib claimed that the money is belong to UMNO and not to him. Keeping the money is s crime.

18.  Furthermore, provide proof about income tax payment when the money was in Najib's personal account. This is also part of the law. Arab Malaysian Bank was fined 50 million Ringgit for unknown reason but as of now, Najib as the owner of the money wasn't fined at all. Which part is said that Prime Minister is above the law.

19.  The UMNO President speech in UMNO General Assembly is disappointing.

20.  Some quarters didn't even understand at all about the issue plaguing the party. They thought that it's relationship problem between the President and Deputy President. Therefore, with a handshake, all the problems will be resolved.

21.  This is not about relationship or friendship problem. This is about the President's wrongdoing that could cause the party to lose in election.

22.  Party have to choose whether the President explains the whereabout of the missing money and return it to UMNO or government or resign.

23.  But the President choose to stop the investigation about missing Government billions Ringgit. Replacing the investigation officers with unreliable will not erase people's doubt. By saying that the investigation is on going and it could be sub-judice and couldn't be discuss will not be accepted by the people. The case is not in court and discussing about it won't be sub-judice. Therefore, it's not against the law if the President explains about 2.6 billion and 1MDB. Not explaining them means there is a basis for the accusations. Again, the party will get the impact in GE14.

24.  The President claimed that 'he is willing to lead the holy fight for the Malays and Bumiputera' is unacceptable because Najib is the one abolish Ne Economy Policy and pressured Malays contractors until they becomes bankrupt. Scholarship for Malays were reduced.

25.  All these disappointed Malays and UMNO members ant they cheered when Najib was asked to resign.

26.  If Najib resign, it'll be well received. Only then, he is a kind Gentleman.

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 16th December 2015
Translated by : Teratai Melur

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