Friday, 18 March 2016


Ladies and gentlemen


Permit me explain a bit about my decision to leave UMNO. I stayed longer in UMNO compared to other 'UMNO' leaders now. Eventhough I was removed once and left twice, I  never join other party. I stayed loyal to UMNO. I love UMNO not because of its name is UMNO but because of its struggle for race, religion and country.

"UMNO' today no longer struggles for race, religion and country. Now, "UMNO' struggle is limited to maintain Dato' Sri Najib as Prime Minister. Never been a former Prime Minister use UMNO as a stronghold as defense, be it Dato Onn, be it Tunku Abdul Rahman, be it Tun Razak, be it Tun Hussein. I, too, didn't use UMNO as self defense. I, as Tunku willing to resign.

Since UMNO's struggle has changed, this organisation is no longer UMNO. It has become different organisation. Those leaders who are still in UMNO are because of self interest, scared of Najib, because of getting gratitude from Najib. They don't care about financial scandal implicating Najib, billions of money in Najib's private bank account. A Prime Minister of Malaysia shouldn't have that kind of money or received that much of money.

We must have a main target in a struggle. Our target is Najib because he spoilt our country image, making our country as one of most corrupted country.

We look at Middle East whose their main enemy is the Israelis but they concentrate more in their fighting. and the Israelis is clapping because the Muslims are doing their job. In Malaysia today, the opposition is not the enemy but Najib is because Najib spoilt the  party until almost lost is GE13. The opposition can't beat us but Najib can.

Najib has made UMNO as his own party. Unfortunately, Najib's leadeship weakens UMNO and will lose in GE14. Opposition existed since Independence but never manage to make people not supporting UMNO until Najib leads UMNO. His performance is worse than Abdullah.

The one who created problems and lameness in our country in Najib. Our national debt has increased more than 50 billion Ringgit because of 1MDB. Most of the this money is missing. To accommodate this missing money, Najib sold Government land that was bought at RM60/- per square feet to Tabung Haji at RM3500/-.
Suddenly, there is a report that Najib have RM2.6 billion in his private account in AmBank together with RM42 million from SRC. It's illogical to claim that the money is gift from the Arab. Malaysian Prime Minister shouldn't receive that much of money from anyone.

Najib's Government is cruel. Those who rebuke him is removed from party, sacked from position, arrested and brought to court. New laws are created to give power to Najib's Government to arrest anyone without trial.

Due to all these, I left party under Najib's leadership and as a citizen of this beloved nation. I'll accept peoples insistence to do something to bring back a fair government in this country.

I invite UMNO members who loves UMNO's original struggle to help me to save the party and this country. Set forth the motion of no confidence vote against Najib as party President and Prime Minister in UMNO branch meeting. Propose not to postpone the party election and needs be held this year.

We can't wait until GE14 because UMNO lead by Najib will surely lose. Once UMNO lose, it can't retain back.

Thank you.

Happy convene

Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad
18 March 2016

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
Date written : 18th March 2016
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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