Saturday, 19 March 2016


1.   When UMNO first started, UMNO leaders and its members was democratically selected based on country and party administration system.

2.   One of the reason it's done through democratic is because democracy makes leaders selection and replacement been easily done in party and country.

3.   Leaders can be removed or appointed through votes by its members.

4.   Dato Onn wish to use this system when he decided to open the party to all, UMNO rejected. Then, Dato Onn resigned and Tunku was chosen to took over. Dato Onn didn't attempt in his capacity as Yang Dipertua UMNO to force UMNO to retain him.

5.   Then, in 1965 when the election performance was not good, Tunku realized that he is no longer popular, passed the leadership to his deputy, Tun Razak even though Tunku worried about Tun's loyalty. Tunku resigned and UMNO leadership transition was done without any problem. 

6.   In 1987, Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam challenged me as party President. Both of them used open campaign. No one was removed. Some ministers supported Team B. They were free to campaign in whole country. There were no order to stop Team B leaders meeting division, branch or UMNO members. There were no intimidation to be removed from party. No one was removed 
from party or questioned by police.

7.   Voting was done freely during party general meeting. All leaders and members voted in secret.

8.   The result is I won by 43 votes and Ghafar 41 votes even though 80% from divisions nominated both of us.

9.   Then, cabinet was reshuffled and a few ministers from Team B was accepted into cabinet.

10.  Tengku Razaleigh took the case to court and UMNO lost its authenticity and claimed as illegal.

11.  During reshuffling, UMNO members are free to rejoin UMNO or join Semangat 46.

12.  So is, when Tun Abdullah performance was not good, Najib managed to convince him to retire and give the President post to him. Transition took place without anyone is being dropped or resigned.

13.  All leadership transition UMNO happened with smooth and democratically. Najib, too, have to use the method and let members voice be heard, let them debate about his performance.

14.  But no

15.  Najib reacted harshly and used his power as party President and Prime Minister to stop anyone who tried to touch his position.

16.  Anyone who tried to rebuke is removed from UMNO. There are some being questioned by the police, detained, brought to court with unreasonable charge, that, they are 'terrorist'.

17.  In UMNO General Assembly on December 2015, number of observer is limited. Delegates are not allowed to talk about 1MDB and RM2.6 billion in Najib's personal account.

18.  Normally, Deputy President is the one who opens  for youth, wanita and puteri assembly. But, Deputy President, Muhyiddin is not allowed.

19.  Only Najib talked during the opening and closing. 

20. There aren't any serious debate during the assembly.

21.  With this kind of action, UMNO members and leaders have lost their right due to fear. Deputy President and one of vice president are stripped from position without going through removal process from party.

22.  Division leaders are ordered by Najib not discuss about 1MDB and RM2.6 billion in his personal account. They must accept his explaination that the money is a donation from an Arab.

23.  In Government level, power separation between legislation, administration and the judiciary is being set aside by Najib. All powers is being snatched by Najib. With this, all the administration including police, judicial institutions no longer free to perform their responsibilities. Najib controls their movement. They have to follow his instructions to reject any investigation about him.

24.  What is clear, Government and party machinery are no longer functioning. Rakyat and party members lost their right to get protection from party or Government, right to appoint or remove leader. Majority of party members are in fear or too comfortable with Najib's treatment.

25.  That's why action have to be outside the party.

26.  If many UMNO members dare to remove Najib with majority voice, co-operation with the opposition for Najib's removal and nothing else is unnecessary.

27.  The oppositions are also in favor in removing Najib, not because they agree with ex-leaders stand but because they realized the kind of damage is being done to country and administration machinery by Najib which effect them as well.

28.  Therefore, they, too, agree Najib must be remove. Their opinions are same as ex-UMNO leaders and majority rakyat.

29.  Due to UMNO's restriction to its members by Najib and they are unable to do anything, people's voice outside UMNO including the opposition's have to be combined in order to be strong and succeed in removing Najib.

30.  Najib will play the issue of Kit Siang and me to misguide UMNO members from the purpose of Citizen Declaration as the way he did of Bersih demonstration that was meant to remove him by saying that it an attempt by the Chinese to overthrow a Malay Government and the red shirt demonstrated to counter the Chinese.

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad
Date written : 19th March 2016
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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