Monday, 4 April 2016


1.   Najib claimed that all the allegations against at him are not true. Main stream media reported his stooges also claimed that all the allegations made by foreign media such as Wall Street Journal, ABC TV Australia, Financial Times, many famous newspapers in America (Please see the list of media, paper and TV attached, 53 in total with list of name of countries and their investigation agencies), all of them wants to demean Najb's image. As though, all of them have nothing else to do other than demean Najib's image with long TV reports and articles coupled with pictures and documents. All the evidences provided are unacceptable, said his stooges. Najib's denial is the one to accept. Najib's denial is not provided with clear evidence. It's alright. His denial is enough for the AG to claim that there isn't any case to be charge Najib in court.

2.   Due to Najib's denial, Division leaders and all members in House of Representatives kept quiet or trying to defend Najib.

3.   Their stand is extraordinary. It seems that they willing to accept when a crime took place and the person commitsthe crime has been identified and only because he denied, it means he is innocent. If denial is accepted as a basic for impeachment, then no one will be charged in this country.

4.   UMNO Division leaders and UMNO Representatives hold to this stand because Najib denied all the allegations and UMNO Division leaders and UMNO Representatives still believes Najib is innocent.

5.   Islamic countries, as we aware, never shown any high appreciation of Najib's contribution to Islam. All we know is, only "HRH Prince Saudi Abdulaziz Al-Saud" really appreciates Najib's contribution to Islam until willing to donate USD 375 million dollar to Najib to be kept in his personal bank account, keep it a secret and used it as he sees fit.

6.   Now, AG Apandi said that RM2.03 billion from RM2.6 billion that was reported to be in Najibs personal account has been returned to its donor. Really? What is the evidence that it's been returned to HRH or to any other Arab? Isn't it possible that the money is still here, to be given to UMNO leaders. Maybe Shahrir received RM1 million and Ahmad Maslan received RM2 million. It's not possible that they are the only one received money from Najib. How many millions did UMNO Division leaders and other Representatives received.

7.   Looks like we are watching a contest between CASH and Malay national spirit. Many UMNO members and Branch leaders supports national spirit. race, religion and country. But, to UMNO Division leaders and Representatives gets big victory that shuts their mouth, ears and eyes. Their are willing to pawn their race and country for CASH or mash. Don't deny. Not only Malaysians knows, the whole world knows. Nazir Razak himself admits received ASD 7 million from Najib to distributed among the party leaders before GE13. It's embarrassing because there some shameless Malays willing to accept a leader that been insulted by the world.


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LUXEMBOURG : Public Prosecutor's Office, Luxembourg

SWITZERLAND ​: Swiss Attorney General’s Office

SINGAPORE ​ : Singapore Police Commercial Affairs Department
​ Monetary Authority of Singapore

USA : U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

HONG KONG ​ : Hong Kong Police

UNITED KINGDOM : Serious Fraud Office

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES : The UAE authorities have issued travel bans and frozen the assets of Khadeem Al Qubaisi dan Mohammed Badawy Al Husseiny two top executives of the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund closely linked to the 1MDB.
FRANCE​ : French national prosecutor’s office (in relation to the purchase of two submarines) 

Source : Chedet Blog
Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 4th April 2016
Translated by : Teratai Melur
E-mail :

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