Tuesday, 26 April 2016


1.   I was among the first forty people signed Declaration of the People that urged Dato' Sri Najib from being the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

2.   I signed this declaration because all legal avenues to stop him from being a Prime Minister have been closed by him.

3.   Firstly, UMNO is no longer organised as democratic party that gave rights to its members and leaders to choose a leader.  Previously, leader can be reprimand, challenged and contested. Members are free to vote their favorite candidate. Now, this right has been stopped by Najib. Anyone who reprimand him will be stripped of position and revoke his membership and pressured with all kinds of pressure.

4.   Clearly there isn't any hope or chance for UMNO to change its leader and stop Najib's wrongdoings.

5.   The people has also lost their right to lodge report about Najib's wrongdoing. They will be questioned, arrested, detained and charged in court. Their lawyer also will be arrested.

6.   Newspapers and TV cannot report about Najib's wrongdoings. People are surfeited with false news about denying all allegations about his wrongdoings, about 1MDB scandal and 2.6 billion Ringgit in his personal bank account, billions of Government money missing, Government money is declining till it can't provide ministries budget allocation, giving money to certain leaders during GE13, Jho Low's role, his company and bank siphoned billions of 1MDB's money, the luxury lifestyle of Najib's family that cannot be lived by a Prime Minister and many other things.

7.   UMNO MP's is silent and approved whatever act being presented to them. UMNO MP's has no courage and will not support the no confidence vote even though they knew about the scandals surrounding them.

8.   There aren't any more chances of UMNO improving the situation or remove Najib. UMNO members don't even care about nation's problems. Their hatred towards certain leaders more important than their love and loyalty to nation. 

9.   Only those who loves this nation can take action.  There is no provisions in Constitution for people to act. But history shows people succeed in demanding the Malay Rulers to reject Malayan Union. We can believe that demand from people will get the same treatment this time.

10.  Therefore, I appeal to everyone regardless of race or party to sign the Declaration of the People to save our nation, Malaysia. The more support to Declaration of the People, the bigger chance to reach our target to stop Najib's from being Prime Minister.

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Written by : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 25th April 2016
Translated by : Teratai Melur
Email : terataigenius@gmail.com

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