Friday, 13 May 2016


1.  Never been any citizen or foreigners ever expected, imagined or predicted about what happened in this blessed nation.

2.   When we were fighting for independent. our leaders and rakyat believed that their chosen leader will behave as nationalist and will sacrifice for the nation, rakyat and their wellness. That's why they accepted without any questions the democracy system, the very system that gives them right to chose Government.

3.   As expected, their chosen leaders didn't disappoint them. Nation developed and people lived in harmonious way than before.
4.   Prime ministers didn't create many problems. They resign when their time ends. Demonstration to remove prime minister never happened.

5.   Tun Abdullah too resigned when GE12 performance is not good. He resigned when became clear that rakyat no longer supports him. Najib too urged he resigned and then he replaced him.

6.   Rakyat relieved. This is Malaysia. High level power transition took place smoothly. Rakyat waited the outcome from new leader. They believed that new leadership would be better than the previous one. If not, it would, at least same as his father, Tun Razak.

7.   Unfortunately, it didn't happen. It begins with extraordinary lifestyle than previous PMs that can be seen in his daugther's wedding. There is no focus in development, creating more jobs and business. In contrast, BR1M was created, RM500/- was given to so called poor rakyat.

8.   Rakyat disappointed. No longer supported. Najib's performance became worse than the PM he replaced. But, leaders in division level and UMNO representatives, especially, seems like didn't understand about this reduced support to Najib.

9.   Then, 1MDB appeared. Najib started and organised a company with one million Ringgit capital and borrowed forty-two-times than the capital. This is the beginning of stories of numerous wrongdoings of 1MDB. Billions of Ringgit was invested without detailed study, money was being transferred, absorbed and vanished. Unanswered questions. Unpaid interest. Auditors sacked, replaced and sacked again.

10.  Came around story about Jho Low who didn't hold any position but powerful enough. If any of board of director questions, Jho Low would call Dato Sri Najib and ask the director to ask Najib himself. The directors didn't question. Just follow Jho Low orders. Those who dissatisfied resign from the Board.

11.  Stories about Rosmah also angers Rakyat. Stories about how he purchased handbag costing millions Ringgit dan about how many businesses gave free shares to Rosmah through her proxy.

12.  All business transactions about 1MDB are closed, no longer allowed to report in newspapers, or scared or warned. UMNO General Assembly was not allowed to talk about 1MDB.

13.  Then, foreign newspaer, Wall Street Journal reported that Dato Sri Najib have American Dollar 681 million, that is, 2.6 billion Malaysian Ringgit in his private account. Whole Malaysia shocked. They asked is it true that Malaysia PM owns that much of money. Impossible. Foreign media likes to aspersion Malaysia.

14.  Najib denied. He said that he is not that stupid to deposit that much of money in his private account. He said it's baseless. He didn't have that much of money.

15.  Finally, Dato Sri Najib admits that 2.6 billion Ringgit is in his private account. Claiming that it's a donation from Saudi Arabia Prince. Then, claimed that it's from the late Saudi Arabia King.

16.  But, there is no reliable document to verify this. Only Najib's confession. Attorney General sacked and appointed the new one that claimed that Najib didn't do anything wrong with the money in his account. It's been said that the money has been returned to the donor. Again, there is no document to verify this statement. Only confession by Attorney General.

17.  If innocent, why didn't sue Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report that reported about 2.6 billion Ringgit in Najib's account and it can be done in Britain or America if do not wish to present the case in Malaysia. But, Najib didn't sue but asked why publicized the report. This means reports by Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report are true and well founded.

18.  Now, whole world knows and believed that Najib siphoned more money than the 1MDB's capital. And, the world cynical laughing to Malaysia that have became the largest corrupted country in the world. And, Najib is claim to be the worst Finance Minister in Asia.

19.  UMNO Division leaders and UMNO MP's can't be that deaf and blind until didn't even realized about Najib's wrongdoings. But, they still support and back Najib. Don't they feel shame knowing their PM is so low, openly insulted by the world without refuted by Najib.

20.  But. it seems that they don't know shame and prioritize self interest than nation interest and dignity.

21.  Rakyat are gathering and urged Najib to be removed from Prime Minister position. UMNO members and leaders knew that they will lose if Najib still leads BN and UMNO in GE14. Only those who is mute and deaf don't care about UMNO's destruction is meant to happen.

22.  UMNO is the party that defeated Malayan Union and set free Malaysia. UMNO also succeed in developing country.

23.  UMNO is the one who provide Prime Minister, Prime Minister that develops nation to a high level.

24.  But today, due to UMNO's backing Najib as Prime Minister even though he clearly implicated in such a worse scandal and made UMNO as the worst party in Malaysia, leaders in divisions and UMNO MP's still in same boat with Najib to destroy UMNO. Because of this, their future generation will curse them. 

25.  UMNO leaders, remember about your future. Your betrayal will be equally paid in this world and hereafter.

Source : Chedet blog
Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 13th May 2016
Translated by : Teratai Melur
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