Tuesday, 11 October 2016


1.   Cash is King and it makes people worship them.

2.   Money can be earned though halal ways like salary and business profits. 

3.   But, money can also be gained from theft, fraud and corruption. Monies gained through this means are not halal and it's haram. Obviously, this is wrong according to law.

4.   Al-Quran mentioned about the sins gained through haram means like stealing, fraud (during selling and buying) and bribe to the judge.

5.   Islam didn't stop accumulating wealth as long its is from halal source. Zakat have to paid from the wealth. Religious contribution and charities are also encouraged.

6.   If the wealth is from theft or corruption, could it made as halal if the haram source paid as zakat or sponsoring to perform haj? Ulamas have to study carefully and voice their thoughts or issue fatwa. 

7.   What about the unpaid compulsory zakat through haram gains? Again, a concise study according to Al-Quran and hadith have to be conducted by ulama.

8.   Unfortunately, many people are willing to accept bribery (haram) from money obtained through haram means. Even if, the source of money is halal, but if it is used for corruption, bribery, accepting those money are still haram. It cannot be regarded as rezeki. What says ulama.

9.   Humans are greedy. Even if they are rich, millionaires, had many incomes but if there are chances to increase fortune, they won't decline.

10.  If accumulating wealth are made through halal means, then it's not wrong, not haram, not sin and pay zakat and donations.

11.  But, if this additional wealth came from haram means, from theft or corruption, it's prohibited, haram and sin.

12.  Among haram incomes, there is nothing worse than corruption. It can spoil the nation and burden its people. Life will become uncomfortable.

13.   Normally those involved with bribery are those who are powerful or influential. The higher their power or influence, the bigger the bribery. Bribery can be done at any level. Only those who can control their self-indulgence can escape form bribery.

14.  We see what's happening when there are those who believes that cash is king. Poor or rich, money can change your stand. Race, religion and nation can be sold if bribery in same level with greed.

15.  The recently concluded by-election, many voters received money and kitchen electrical appliances. They thought this is their rezeki.

16.  Actually, this is not rezeki. These gifts are bribery to get their votes. Their willingness to accept is sin. Whether or not they give their votes, bribery still sin.

17.  In GE14, more haram money will be poured. Funds for bribery are readily made by certain quarters from haram means. Receivers should know that this is haram money and those accepting these money are equally sin.

18.  If giving money to those poor or charity, do it now, but do it with halal money. State Government helps them with halal money. Thank God, this a good way.

19.  But, those who worships money as King able to win anything, worship money till willing to do corruption crime is not according to Islam or any other religion.

Written by : Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Date written : 10th October 2016
Link : chedet.cc/?p=2275
Tranlated by : Teratai Melur

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