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Mengandungi pelbagai jenis vitamin, mampu lindungi tubuh daripada penyakit

Bawang putih banyak digunakan dalam masakan bagi menambahkan aroma dan rasa sedap masakan. Ia antara rempah-ratus yang murah dan mudah ditemukan di setiap dapur semua orang.

Selain sebagai bahan penyedap masakan, bawang putih boleh dimakan begitu saja atau digoreng rangup terlebih dulu untuk ditaburkan atau dijadikan hiasan pada makanan dihidangkan.

Percaya atau tidak, baunya yang tersendiri dan istimewa itulah yang turut merangsang nafsu makan kebanyakan individu. Oleh sebab itulah, setiap kali memasak khusunya masakan oriental, penggunaan bawang putih tidak dilupakan.

Masyarakat Cina misalnya, dikatakan amat gemar memakan bawang putih. Hampir semua maskaan mereka dicampurkan dengan bawang putih.


Penggunaan yang berlebihan dikatakan boleh memanaskan badan dan mampu membuang angin dalam badan walaupun pada dasarnya ia turut mengganggu bau badan. 

Lebih menarik, bawang putih menyimpan banyak khasiat untuk membantu menjaga dan meningkatkan kesihatan.

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It consists of multi vitamins, protects body from diseases

Garlic is usually used in cooking for its aroma and to increase its flavor. It's amongst cheap spices and can be found easily in every kitchen. 

Also, it can eaten raw or crisply fried to sprinkle or as decoration on food.

Believe it or not, for many people it's unique and special smell that encourages them to eat. That's the reason why garlic is a must for oriental cooking.

Chinese is said loves garlic. Almost all their cooking is mix with garlic.


Excessive use of garlic could keep body warm, although, it also encourage body odour. Interestingly, garlic has many nutrients for health improvements.

A well known pharmacopoeist, Li Shih-Chen documented numerous benefits of garlic in his book, The Compendium of Materia Medica.

Garlic is found to consists multiple types vitamins of A, B, and C also other nutrients such as calcium, potassium, antioxidant, carotene and selenium. Also, it also reduces cholesterol, increases insulin for diabetic patients and helps to prevent blood clogging.
Dr Yongxiang Zhang from University of Tokyo, Japan researched that garlic is potential to avoid brain deterioration and immunity. It doesn't mean that garlic could reverse time to be young again but it helps to avoid age faster.

Meanwhile, Dr Gilles Fillion from Pesteur Institute, France also made research and found that garlic helps to reduce pressure, emergency and depression.


Garlic or its scientific name, allium sativum is known for centuries and it's being used by all over the world. This is because its content provides benefits, be it, for cooking, health care and medical purposes.

Moreover, there are numerous studies conducted about garlic benefits for health. Among them are it prevents infection, asthma, coughing syrup, constipation, period and removes gall bladder.

In today's modern technology, garlic are available in the form of capsule. Many producers manufacture garlic capsule and available with affordable prices. However, garlic is said to have side effects if taken excessively.

This include encourages digestion mucose, vomiting, weight loss, retard growth, anemia and dermatitis. Therefore, limit the intake.
Recommended dosage is not more than five gram for raw intake or 0.5 mililitre (ml) if taken as juice and 300 miligram in garlic form everyday. 

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